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If you are pregnant and preparing for your baby's arrival, the nursery is often one of the biggest priorities. Of course, the nursery involves more than just a crib or bassinet. But just what are the essential items that everyone would benefit from having in their baby nursery? And what are the things that some people would be happy to have, though they are not bare essentials? Let's take a look!

A crib is something that most people buy. When your baby is still very new, that crib can seem so big for your tiny newborn. Many people like to have a smaller bassinet to keep their baby snug and cosy in those early days. This is not a necessity, but it is great to have for many parents. You will need some place to store your baby's clothes, diapers, and bedding. If you have been shopping for your baby already, you know that all those clothes can take up quite a bit of space!

A wardrobe or a special part of your own closet reserved for baby is essential. Where are you going to change your baby's diapers? A changing station (almost always with drawers underneath so you can use it for baby clothes, diapers, and so on) is so handy that most people consider it a necessity, though a portable changing pad works as well. You will need bed linen for your baby's crib or bassinet. Because newborns can spit up or have poo explosions, making sure you have at least three sets will mean you never run out.

Nursing glider chairs provide a comfortable place to nurse or even bottlefeed your baby, both for mom and baby. They are expensive, but absolutely worth the money according to those who own them. Some babies sleep much more easily in swings or vibrating bassinets, while other babies hate them. They are something you can consider, either before or after your baby is born, depending on your needs and your baby's.

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