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Are you nearing the end of pregnancy, and looking forward to the birth of your baby? You are probably suffering from some new pregnancy signs, including the nesting instinct. But at the same time, you may still worry if you have everything that you need for your newborn ready. Here is a newborn checklist that includes the essential equipment that you will need for your baby.

An infant car seat, if you are planning to drive with your baby at all this includes leaving the hospital with your newborn, if you are giving birth there. Baby clothes. You will need around seven (more is good!) complete outfits for your newborn that are season-appropriate. Obviously, winter babies will need coats as well. And don't forget about newborn hats. Diapers. If you are planning on using disposables, you may consider buying several sizes. You can also buy cloth diapers. A thermometer, preferably digital. You may also consider buying a thermometer to measure your baby's bath water temperature. A place for your baby to sleep, either a bassinet or a crib. A stroller or a good baby carrier. Lots of blankets and towels you will never have enough of these! You will also need bedding for your baby's bassinet or crib. Sleeping bags are handy; duvets are not recommended. What you will need to feed your baby depends on whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding. Breastfeeding moms may not need anything at all, but some like to have breastfeeding pillows, nursing bras, or lanolin nipple cream. Formula feeding families will need the adequate supplies for that. You may need gauze and iodine to care for your baby's umbilical cord stump. A baby bath or other appropriate place to bath your baby, as well as bath supplies like soap. You may want to consider buying a swing for your baby, though this is by no means essential.

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