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Are you in your third and final trimester of pregnancy, and tying up some loose ends before your baby gets to your side of the world? Of course, you want to be as prepared as possible. We're sure that you have already thought about everything, and bought everything that needs to be bought. We just wanted to remind you though, that your newborn will need a car seat if you are at all planning to drive your baby.

Infant car seats are required by law, and keep your baby safe in traffic. When you are ready to take your baby home from the hospital after giving birth, you will already need a car seat. Many hospitals go as far as to ensure the parents have a car seat before allowing them to take their baby home. A good infant car seat keeps your baby safe and comfortable during car journeys, and you can even take them out and carry them with you when your baby is sleeping. Some car seats are part of a travel system that also includes a strollers. This is very practical, as you will be able to take your baby out of the car in its seat, and click it right intro the stroller. Then, you will be ready to go!

Do make sure to only dress your baby in a light coat or sweater and not his regular winter coat if you have a winter baby. Winter coats and car seats are not a good combination, and can cause your baby to overheat. If you are currently in your third trimester of pregnancy, please take the time to install the car seat and familiarize yourself with how to place it and remove it. This can often be rather tricky, and car seats definitely have a learning curve. The last thing you want is to struggle with the car seat when you are taking your newborn home from the hospital.

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