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Electrolysis Pain

One of the treatment options for hair problem is electrolyte treatment, but this option will inflict a certain amount of pain, which can make people decide not to undergo this treatment. This procedure will provide a permanent hair removal, but some people are put off by the pain it produces. But there are few solutions that can be very helpful and can numb the pain caused by the electrolysis.

Application of Ice

The first and the oldest way of reducing the pain associated with the electrolysis is ice application. You can apply a bag filled with ice on the skin area on which treatment will take place and this should make the area numb. This kind of solution is best on the skin regions where higher levels of current will be conducted and on the more sensitive body places. But electrolysis is not that discomforting if done on certain body areas, such as breasts. Due to the presence of the fatty tissue in the breast, the pain felt will be far lesser. Underarm and bikini lines hair removal among feminine gender is best done with ice, while back area and shoulder area hair removal among males is best done with ice as well.

Ice is a great desensitizer and this is why people are very amazed when they use ice for the first time, with prior electrolysis. They will experience a great relief and reduction of pain. Electrolysis will emit certain amount of pain but this pain can be decreased with a use of Emla. This is a cream that has its uses in the topical surgeries. It can be bought with a prescription and for a nominal fee, but only if your health insurance has such prescription plan. This kind of treatment is best done one hour before the treatment with electrolysis. This cream will numb the pain if you apply the cream and then wrap saran around it, but try not to wrap it too tight. Problems with irritation can occur if the cream somehow comes in contact with the eye, so try not to apply it on the surrounding area, like the eyebrows, for example. Know that, if you have some work to do, once you apply the cream you do not have to wrap the saran around it. Just wait for a while and the cream will become transparent. By taking Tylenol or Advil one hour before the electrolysis, you can reduce the pain as well.

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