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Suffering from a pulled groin is a situation which should not be ignored. Rather, you should treat this condition as soon as possible. The best treatment for a strained groin is resting until the pain affecting the area is gone. However, you need to rest properly since any other action of this type will result in a longer recovery.

Treatment for Groin Strains

As it was mentioned above, resting is crucial for a proper recovery. Whenever you feel pain in the groin area, you are to stop the physical activity you are performing and allow the groin area to rest. Stretching can help when performed gently. However, if this action is painful or uncomfortable, do not perform it.

One of the best ways of relaxing the pulled area and allowing yourself some pain relief is ice application. This is very effective during the first 2 days after the injury and every time after physical activities once these 2 days pass. Ice stimulates blood circulation and calms down the inflammation affecting the groin.

On the other hand, heat application can be very helpful too, relaxing the muscles before you start your rehabilitation exercises or engage into any kind of physical activity. Basically, you should apply heat before the activity and ice after.

If inflammations are bothering you, anti-inflammatory medications can prove to be of assistance stopping the pain as well.

Physical Therapy and Prevention Measures

Therapeutic massage, exercising, ultrasound and many other methods can help the medical staff treating you to find a proper therapy for your pulled groin problem.

Abductor stretching, hip abductor strengthening, pelvic stabilization workouts and core stability along with abdominal and lumbar strengthening are usually all the exercises you need when it comes to treating your pulled groin.

Still, keeping in mind that preventing is much better than curing a damage already done, people who are suffering from risk of having their groin area injured should be careful and avoid this mishap. Thus, soccer players, ice hockey players and all people who are into similar physical activities, all can benefit from warming their bodies up properly before taking part in any of these sports.

The exercises necessary were mentioned above, and these are all you need in order to prevent pulled groin and many other problems of this type. Indulging into sports is useful and incredibly healthy. Nevertheless, you need to stay careful and alert in order not to cause overstraining and injuries like pulled or strained groin.

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