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Problem with Unwanted Hair

Many people, the both men and women suffer from excessive hair growth. Women are more concerned about how they look and any loss of hair is considered unappealing and it may affect woman's self-esteem. This is why people search for treatment which will help them to remove all the undesirable hair. What is more, the main concern is whether the available techniques provide long-lasting results or the problem can be solved only temporary.

Unwanted hair is usually related to hereditary factors or results form hormonal imbalance. It may also occur as a side effect of certain medications. Electrolysis is a form of hair removal which provides with permanent results. This is a rather simple and effective procedure, usually with no side effects.

Electrolysis Hair Removal - the Procedure

Electrolysis is performed with the assistance of specific device called epilator. The procedure includes insertion of a needle in the hair follicle and application of electrical current. The electrical current destroys the hair follicle not allowing the hair to regrow again. Electrolysis requires a great amount of skill. This is why it is supposed to be done by well experienced and licensed electrologist.

There are several types of electrolysis: galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis electrolysis and blend electrolysis. Galvanic electrolysis is actually the oldest type and it provides with destruction of the hair follicle due to a chemical reaction. Thermolysis electrolysis includes shortwave radio frequency and causes heat by rapid vibrating of the water molecules by the hair. Once the suitable heat is created it damages the structures in charge with hair growth. And finally, blend electrolysis represents a combination of previous two types.

The procedure may be tedious and sometimes uncomfortable and this is why it is not suitable for large skin areas such as legs, bikini and back. On the other side, electrolysis is highly effective for excessive hair on the upper lip, chin and cheeks.

Side Effects of Electrolysis

In case that the procedure is performed adequately there are no side effects. In case of improper treatment the hair may regrow. Majority of side effects are mild and temporary and they include redness and/or dryness of the treated skin, blisters, scabs and ingrown hair. In some cases, particularly if poorly performed, electrolysis may cause permanent skin damage and even lead to complications such as infections. Infections can be totally avoided if the equipment is correctly sterilized. Scabs may further lead to depigmentation of the skin and scarring. Many of the previous complications occur only in extremely rare cases and the procedure is generally successful and gives satisfying results.

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