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RemovingNeck Hair

Neck hairis often a nuisance. While most of the neck hair can be hidden by clothing orlong hair from the head, its coarseness and thickness can prove to be inconvenient,and their presence considered unappealing. The neck's bottom part, known as thenape, is usually treated with this method. Women tend to remove the hair thatcontinues on from the hairline, giving tied up hair a leaner, neater look. Thelocation of neck hair makes them hard to remove by waxing or shaving. Removingthe hair by laser can provide more lasting results.

Laser HairRemoval and other methods

Whenremoving hair by laser, a majority of people choose the back of the neck as alocation quite frequently. This method works best with persons with lighterskin and darker hair. It’s important to note that while all kinds of IPL andlaser systems can be utilized for this procedure, but not every laser hairremoval clinic possesses all the types of devices for the various procedures. Dependingon certain traits such as the skin color and type, as well as the hair, acertain amount of treatments is required for a full effect. These are known priorto their start. Considering the size of the neck area, the time of treatment isusually brief. The price of the treatments is influenced by which treatment andpractitioner is chosen, as well as the thickness of the hair, but it is usuallyabout £85 for the treatment and £25 for the patch test.

The mosteffective solution is the laser treatment, also known as electrolysis. Certain creams exist that can stifle how muchhair grows, and some can remove it for good. This is by no means a permanentsolution, but can be more cost effective than electrolysis, as laser treatmentssometimes require several sessions. Though professionals can ask for a higherfee, it is considered generally more beneficial as the price ratio scales withthe quality of service. Waxing and shaving is, as mentioned, difficult andoften leads to the hair returning in time. It is advised to attempt the hairremoval creams, and only in case both of these are either ineffective orinconvenient, one should attempt laser hair removal. Sufficient research is required inorder to effectively ascertain which kind of treatment is the most suitable foreach individual case. It is important to note that, whichever treatment inquestion, there is no absolute certainty of success, so considering each methodin detail is advised.

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