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The following text will discuss on the methods of tattooremoval. Location and the size are the two most important factors indetermining which of the methods should be used. Also, the time of the tattoo'spresence has to be taken in consideration.


Smaller tattoos are mostly removed with the help from this method, which isvery effective in the removal of the whole tattoo. The excision removal method,when done on larger tattoos, will first remove the central area and then thesurrounding edges. Of course, this will have to be done in several phases. Thearea on which the tattoo is will be made numb with the use of a localanesthetic. Surgically, the tattoo will be removed with the sutured edges that are brought to each other. Electrocautry will be used to ensure minimalbleeding, and during this procedure, there may be need for a skin graft to betaken from other body area.


The tattoo can be removed via this method, which uses a solution that freezesthe skin area covered with the tattoo. It is sprayed on the tattoo and sanded withabrasive instrument, which removes the tattoo.


Now we move on to maybe the most popular tattoo removal method today and it isthe laser removal. Tattoos are mostly removed with Q-switched Ruby, Q-switchedAlexandrite and Q-switched Nd:Yag methods, of laser tattoo removal. Theybasically work in the similar ways. Before the treatments starts, the tattooarea can be numbed with the help of a cream. Then laser is used, and itslights break up the pigments of the tattoo. The treated pigmentedregions will be removed by the scavenger cells of the body, which will happen inthe following few weeks. Know that the tattoo cannot be removed in one treatment,so it will require several of them.


Tattoos can be removed with this method, which has been in use for a century.The tattoo and the surrounding area will be administered with a local anesthetic and when this part of the procedure is done, the tap water dipped in tablet saltwill be applied on the area and then comes the area abrasion. This can be donewith the wooden block placed in gauze or a device used during dermabrasion butsomething else can be used as well. The color deep red will be the color of thetattoo area after some time of this procedure, and this is when you need to stopand apply dressing. When we talk about the results, color variations and scarring will probablystay. But before you decide which procedure to undergo, discuss it closely withyour physician.

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