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In this text, we will deal with the sedentary lifestyle that can cause a lot of serious health conditions to a person. First, what is a sedentary lifestyle? Sedentary lifestyle is a lifestyle in which people don’t have any physical activities, and sadly, this lifestyle is present in the majority of our population.

Sedentary Lifestyle

People who live this kind of a life usually spend every day watching television, or working on a computer, reading books, or doing some activities that don’t imply any physical movements. This kind of idleness affects blood circulation, it becomes slower and slower and the flow of blood gradually decreases. Eventually, this leads to even greater danger since they can be infected by various diseases more easily.

We will try to convince you not to choose sedentary lifestyle and we will also provide you with good reasons and explanations. It is proved that almost every disease that appears in older people is in some way connected with sedentary lifestyle. If a person isn’t physically active during his/her twenties and thirties, then they are more susceptible to developing health conditions later in life. It doesn’t matter what you practice, as long as you sweat, because with sweating all toxins are expelled from your body, making your immunity better and stronger.

Causes And Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

The basic reason for developing sedentary lifestyle is laziness. A person needs to understand what the advantages of exercise are and convince himself or herself that it is a part of the everyday routine. Effects that reveal sedentary lifestyle are in most cases obesity, heart diseases and muscle atrophy. Obesity develops due to bad health habits and sedentary life style, particularly when a person eats more calories that he/she can append in the activities. There are cases when genetics and some medical conditions may lead to obesity, but in most cases, sedentary lifestyle is to be blamed for obesity. If a person leads sedentary lifestyle, then the blood circulation becomes slow and the heart doesn’t get enough amount of blood. Blood vessels in this case become blocked and they also can’t function properly, leading to heart disease development. Sedentary lifestyle and heart diseases are closely connected and depend upon each other. Some other diseases that can appear due to sedentary lifestyle include osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea and Alzheimer's disease, etc.

To sum up, it would be better to find some activity that suits you, and that you don’t find very hard and demanding, then to fear from all of the above effects of sedentary lifestyle.

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