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Bad blood circulation may cause serious health problems. This is why it deserves attention and it needs to be treated on time.

The blood circulatory system feeds and maintains all of the cells in the human body. Blood circulation enables oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells. At the same time, it takes carbon dioxide, created by respiration, away from the cells. If the blood circulatory system is not able to work properly, many problems start to appear.

The problem of bad circulation in the hands and feet is a very common problem for the middle-aged population. At the same time, this problem is often ignored. Medical advice should be asked for in such circumstances before the problem becomes drastic. Symptoms of chronically poor circulation include cold hands and feet, or constant coldness in any part of the body, and chronic cramping of hands and legs that usually passes after some time or after rest.

Poor circulation can cause persistent weakness or numbness in a part of body. This usually happens after sitting or standing for a longer period of time. Sores on hands and feet due to poor circulation may require a doctor\'s appointment. Poor blood circulation can cause cracking and peeling of nails and hair loss, due to the lack of nutrients and minerals.

Poor blood circulation may also cause dizziness and heart disease. Varicose veins and pale, red or even blue skin are other obvious signs of circulation problems. These are the warning signs that should not be ignored.

Atherosclerosis is one of the main causes of poor circulation, in which plaque deposits on the artery walls and clogs the arteries. This may be the result of a high cholesterol diet. Consequently, the amount of blood traveling through the arteries is diminished. Another possible reason for poor circulation could be diabetes, or even a sedentary lifestyle in which little physical activity exists. Obesity, smoking and and similar bad habits can often contribute to the problem of bad circulation as well.

Trying to adopt a somewhat different lifestyle on time can significantly decreasing the risk of strokes or heart attacks. Before getting to the point at which heart surgery is needed, it is recommended to adopt some simple changes in lifestyle. By doing so, serious health problems may be completely avoided.

People suffering from diabetes should monitor their blood sugar in order to avoid further problems related to poor circulation.

Sports or at least daily exercises are recommended, especially for people who have to sit for long periods of time because of their jobs or other reasons.

They should also try to take brakes in order to exercise and improve their blood flow. Foods heavy in cholesterol should be avoided, as should smoking.

Warm baths, massages and physiotherapy may also help to get the blood moving.

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