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Circulation always starts with your heart, because this organ is responsible for pumping the blood through the blood vessels all over your body. Whatever your body cells need, the blood provides, containing all necessary nutrients. Also, the blood collects all products of metabolism and substances your body doesn’t need any more.

People suffering from bas circulation usually smoke and don’t exercise. If you don’t belong to these groups of people and still experience poor circulation, you should be aware that your condition may also be provoked by poor nutrition or too much food, or simply because of the stress in your life.

Poor circulation may cause many other medical problems in your life, such as asthma, anemia, diabetes or high blood pressure.

Types of Circulation

Talking about poor circulation, one can talk about coronary or lymph circulation in the body.

Problems with coronary circulation (the one happening inside your heart), known to provoke heart disease usually cause no apparent signs or symptoms. About 60% of heart disease patients die from this condition, without knowing or being diagnosed properly.

Lymph circulation and lymphatic system protect your body from different diseases. This part of your immune system must function perfectly to decrease the chances to catch viral or bacterial infections, or any other illness.

Improve Your Circulation

Reduce any bad habits you have, eat healthy food and exercise regularly – these are three simple things you can do to positively affect the circulation in your body.

Your lifestyle affects the way you feel, including the problems you might have with circulation. To prevent that, it’s important to reduce bad fats you take every day and eat healthy low glycemic food. Garlic, oranges, pumpkin seeds and watermelon are recommended to use more in everyday cooking. There are also some circulation supplements, containing vitamins B and C, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium and bioflavonoids. Maintain proper hydration of your body, drinking at least 8 glasses of water every single day. Alcohol and sweetened drinks are not good for your circulation, because they won’t provide sufficient amount of water, so you should avoid those.

Bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol, junk food and improper hydration can significantly affect your health. Apart from adding to poor circulation, all these unhealthy habits can lead to various diseases, like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems or even cancers.

Stressful lifestyle can also cause circulation problems, and many people find relaxation techniques useful for the improvement of their circulation.

Regular physical activity is one of the important factors when it comes to good circulation. About 30 minutes per day is the minimum of exercise for anyone, and you can choose your favorite activity. It can be walking, aerobics or yoga, anything that you enjoy doing, actually.

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