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Eczema in Babies

Most parents treat the baby eczema by eliminating the symptoms, rather than dealing with the causes of the disorder. Babies and young children are especially susceptible to allergies and also more sensitive to any medications, much more than adults. Therefore, the only treatment for baby eczema should be the one with natural products.

Eczema Causes

Eczema is by most scientists considered to be an allergic reaction. Babies could be allergic to some food, some allergens or anything that comes in touch with the skin.

This is a frequent disorder in babies, since their immune system is underdeveloped and can’t defend the body as it should do. Their digestive system is still getting used to different food and babies’ skin is much finer than the adults'. Proper skin care and adequate nutrition are really important for keeping your baby allergy free and improving their immune system.

Natural Cures for Eczema in Babies

In order to eliminate the eczema try to avoid the food that might be the cause of this condition. These internal allergens must be recognized and cleared out of the menu. It takes just a few days until the eczema resolves, once the allergy source is gone.

There is a list of potential allergens, which might provoke the eczema and should be removed from the baby's diet.

Eczema might be induced by dairy products (all cow milk products, including milk, yogurt and cheese). Quit using cow milk, because it could worsen the symptoms of eczema and try goat milk and products instead. Breast milk is still considered to be one of the best things you could ever feed your baby with. It also transfers some important antibodies to baby’s body and protects the baby from infections.

Avoid citrus fruits, all berries, wheat, soy and soy products, fish and chocolate. Peanuts and peanut butter is also considered a potential allergen and should not be given to babies.

If possible use only cloth diapers and pure cotton clothes for the baby. This way you would avoid the eczema on baby’s bottom, which is always the most painful area for babies. Shampoos and soaps used to bath the baby should be with natural components, as well as the chemicals used throughout the house, for cleaning.

Products that should be used to treat eczema in babies should always contain calendula, chamomile, sea salt and unrefined olive oil.

Walking and carrying your baby outside, on the fresh air also helps, having an excellent effect on the baby’s immune system.

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