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Eczema is a pretty common skin condition that is commonly seen in children. According to the experts, up to 20% of all children are affected by it. Parents need to know that there is no cure for this condition but there are ways that they can help their children. However, parents need to make sure that the advice they receive is a good one.


An itchy rash is the most common and obvious sign of eczema. The rash can also be red, rough, scaly and even oozing. The rash is most likely to start when children are still pretty young. Parents need to know that it is very likely that the rash will recur at some times.

Diagnosis of eczema

The doctor will usually diagnose eczema upon seeing that the child is suffering from itchy skin in some particular areas like the forehead, cheeks, arms and legs. These signs are more common in infants, while insides of elbows, knees and ankles are more common in older children. It is not uncommon for the eczema to be mistaken for some other itchy rash like contact dermatitis, heat rash, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Prevention of eczema flares

First of all, the parents need to know what the triggers of eczema flares are. Some of the most common are harsh soaps, bubble baths, dust mites, food allergies, overheating, sweating, clothing that is made of wool or polyester and dry skin. Apart from using moisturizers, parents should bathe the children every day but not in hot water. Parents should also find a substitute for the soap because soap dries the skin. The moisturizer should be applied right after the bath. Lotions and oils should be avoided. Treatments for eczema

Some of the more common treatments for children when their eczema flares up are topical steroids and some of the newer non-steroidal medications. Before using any of these treatments, the parents must speak to the doctor. There are various topical steroids and it is important to know which are mild and which are strong because strong ones cannot be applied to the face. Some of the best ones that can be prescribed are Cutivate, Dermatop, Elocon and Locoid Lipocream.

What needs to be known

Parents should know that there is no cure for eczema. However, in most cases it goes away when children become older than 6 years of age. Keeping the skin moist is the best way to help the child when eczema flares up. A bath every day in warm and not hot water and moisturizer are the best ways to achieve that.

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