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There are skin conditions, like eczema, which can be treated with the use of borage oil. We will focus on this use in the following lines. Dermatitis or eczema is a skin disorder that causes inflamed, red, irritated and dry skin. This condition can also lead to thickened and scaly skin and development of blisters. Eczema is a problem that can target children and adults as well, and it cannot be transferred to other people. But we have to say that eczema is a bit more common among children.

Many factors affect the development of this problem, but the exact cause of eczema is not discovered yet. Such factors are immune system weakness, abnormal blood circulation, hormone imbalance and improper functioning of the skin. Stress, cosmetics and food can also create the condition along with sweat, dust and similar items that can make the problem worse. We will talk about borage oil, which is one of the remedies associated with the treatment of eczema.

Borage Oil

This oil is made from a plant with the same name, which has blue flowers shaped as stars and it reaches half feet in height. It is very popular in some areas of the world due to medical effects. It has gamma-linolenic acid, which is essential fatty acid associated with anti-inflammatory abilities that can eliminate skin problems.

This plant will increase the blood circulation and prevent the blood clotting. Other beneficial effects include maintenance of blood pressure, reduction of hypertension, prevention of heart diseases by lowering the levels of blood cholesterol, prevention of aging and dryness of the skin, relief of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause (like hot flashes, mood swings and cramping), and some say that it can prevent the growth of a tumor and thus the cancer as well.

Eczema and Borage Oil

While this oil is effective in some, it might prove to be ineffective in others. Symptoms of eczema, like skin itching, redness, dryness and inflammation can be reduced by the use of oral, capsule form, or topical application of borage oil. Also, it is important to say that side effects do not exist due to the natural origin of the remedy. This oil is good for the skin but its effectiveness against eczema has not been studied in detail. So it is always good to start will a small dose and increase the dosage gradually.

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