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Eczema and psoriasis difference

There is a Difference

Numerous people do not know how to differentiate psoriasis from the eczema. However, the lack of similarities between the two is more than visible. Firstly, eczema is mostly related to children and expresses itself through skin inflammations which cause some reactions like redness and others to appear on the surface of the skin on the arms and behind one's knees. On the other hand, psoriasis stands for a skin condition which results in abnormality in skin cell production, manifesting through excessive layers of dead skin cells appearing on the surface of the regular skin. Visually, this may be described as the appearance of small, silvery scales upon a person's skin. Nevertheless, there are numerous other differences between the two.

Reasons behind Eczema

This mysterious skin condition still troubles our medicine since we are yet to find out what are the direct causes of it. Regardless, we know that low immunity or dry skin, as well as stress may somewhat enhance this condition. However, these are not the direct causes, or, at least that is what the experts choose to believe in.

Reasons behind Psoriasis

Contrary to eczema, psoriasis has many different causes. One of the most common ones involves formation of abnormal skin cells which are known to attack the healthy ones, leading to the development of this condition. Additionally, stress, some genetic disorders, alcohol abuse, different skin conditions and some other factors, all may be behind psoriasis.

Manifestation Differences

Firstly, eczema manifests through redness, accompanied by itchiness and discomfort. Upon scratching, the situation is bound to get worse. Moreover, bumps and even small blisters capable of producing fluid discharge may appear on the skin surface. The latter case usually happens after severe scratching of the troublesome spot.

As for psoriasis, it also causes itching and sometimes redness. However, skin cracks and swelling may be apparent upon wrists, ankles and other such places. The cracks may even bleed due to excessive dryness of the skin affected by this condition. The red or silvery scales are bound to appear, causing pain, tenderness, and irritation.

Different Diseases – Different Treatments

Eczema is a condition often treated by topical creams or some other medications made for these purposes. Also, the troubled person is supposed to avoid any clothes, materials and situations which may cause friction upon the problematic spot on the skin.

Psoriasis, on the other hand, may involve some more complex procedures. Even though there are some creams and similar products to be used here as well, some more complex variants of the disease may need removal of the dry scales and some advanced skin therapy like applying coal tar, certain acids, vitamins or other substances. There are different approaches involving light treatment as well.

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