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It is not uncommon for children to end up suffering from itchy rashes at some time during their childhood. However, eczema is a certain skin condition that is not like the other rashes and it is more troublesome. It is important that the scratching is avoided at all cost because that will only make the situation worse.


A child who suffers from eczema will have red and irritated skin that in some cases results in small and fluid-filled bumps. In almost all cases of eczema the cause is atopic dermatitis. Those children who are prone to allergies have a lot more chances of suffering from eczema than other kids.

Kids are more likely to be affected by eczema if some of their family members are suffering from hay fever, asthma or some other allergy. According to the experts, these kids are genetically predisposed to get eczema. The chances of a child who had eczema to develop hay fever or asthma at some point later in life are very high. Even though eczema is not an allergy, it is often triggered by allergies. Apart from the allergies, there are some other environmental factors that can trigger it. According to the data, every tenth child will develop eczema.


Even though there are many signs of eczema and they vary depending on the age of the child, there are some that are present in almost all cases like itchy, red and dry skin along with small bumps on cheeks, forehead and scalp. The rash is known to spread to the arms and legs and the trunk as well. As kids grow older, the signs are less visible but the skin gets very itchy and dry.


In most cases of children who suffer from eczema, the most common treatment includes the use of corticosteroids or steroid creams or ointments. The parents need to apply the corticosteroids for as long as the doctor recommends it. Apart from this treatment, there are some other that the doctor may recommend like antihistamines and oral or topical antibiotics.Older kids with eczema can be treated with ultraviolet light as well.

Helping the child

Parents need to know that there are ways they can prevent eczema from developing by keeping the skin of their children moist and soft. Avoiding the triggers that cause the flares is important as well. Bathing the child every day in warm and not hot water and applying a moisturizer right after the bath is the best tip for the parents.

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