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Homeopathy and eczema in children

It is not uncommon for the children to be suffering from eczema. According to the data, 20% of all children are affected by eczema before they reach the age of five. One of the main reasons why treating eczema in children is problematic is because the skin of children is quite sensitive and it is not uncommon for the treatments to make the condition even worse. However, parents should consider homeopathic remedies for treating eczema because they hold several advantages that conventional therapy does not have. Eczema is a well known skin disorder that makes the skin itchy and irritated. Older people can also be affected by eczema but this condition is mainly seen in children. There are a lot of causes of eczema and some of the most common are food, pollen, dust mite, mold and such. A person who suffers from eczema will have red and dry skin, along with scales and boils. The symptoms are not the same with every person and they vary in severity as well. In most cases of eczema, it is the face and the area around it that are affected but it is not uncommon for other body parts to be affected as well.

Homeopathy for treating eczema in children

Not all experts agree that homeopathy is good for treating eczema in children. There are some who swear by its success but there are some who still doubt it. The good thing about homeopathic medicines is that there is almost no chance that it will make the condition worse because they consist of extracts of natural ingredients and are diluted to the degree sustainable for children. It is important that people know that homeopathy works according to the symptoms. It is important that the medical history of the child is checked before a homeopathic treatment starts. Some of the best medicines that have shown success with treating eczema in children are antimonium crudum, arsenicum album, arum triphyllum, calcarea carbonica and many others. If a person makes certain changes in the diet, vaccination or antibiotics, that can aggravate the symptoms of eczema. Steroids are often used to treat eczema but they usually cause certain side effects. It is important that the doctor determines whether the child’s eczema is inherited. In that case, a child will receive tuberculinum bovinum as a homeopathic remedy which will make the immune system stronger. The susceptibility will also be decreased which means that the body will have an easier tack of healing naturally.

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