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Eczema is a skin condition affecting some 10 to 20% of people in the world. This problem is not contagious in its nature, but the problem is recurrent and patients suffering from it experience redness, itchiness and dry skin if the problem is mild. However, those suffering from severe eczema may have cracked skin which bleeds or oozes. Chronic eczema could be associated with thickening and blackening of the skin (“lichenification”).

In almost 90% of the cases, eczema develops in kids before the age of 5, but this problem is found to be extremely common among kids much younger than that and especially among 2 to 6 months old babies. Infants may suffer from eczema on the forehead, forearms, cheeks, scalp, neck or the legs, while other patients usually suffer from neck, face, or knees, elbows or ankle eczemas.

As we said, eczema is recurrent, meaning that these patients usually experience cyclic improvement and worsening of the problem without any apparent cause.

What Causes Eczema?

Current medical theory says that eczema appears in people who have some genetic predisposition to this skin problem and also some faulty response of the immune system to some specific factors. There are various factors associated with this skin condition, including genetic inheritance and susceptibility to asthma, hay fever but also some allergies to different environmental factors, emotional stress or various foods.

People might get eczema as the result of allergic reaction to the pollen, dust mites, some cosmetic or washing powder, synthetic clothes, but also preservatives and colors used in food, eggs, nuts, dairy products, citrus fruit or some seafood.

Homeopathy for Eczema

Conventional approach to eczema treatment includes external treatment of this with some creams and lotions. However, this doesn’t solve the problem, because exposure to the trigger will always lead to yet another flare of eczema. Homeopathic treatment takes into consideration family history and sensitivity and allergies to different things.

Homeopathic practitioners won’t prescribe you any steroids or external medicated lotions, but only some internal homeopathic remedies. Any remedy prescribed by professional homeopath should be safe to use for anyone, regardless his or her age and without any adverse effects.

Many people suffering from eczema cured their problem using homeopathic remedies, especially those who started the treatment in early stages of the condition and if the problem was of mild to moderate intensity. In some case, where the rash and lesions are very severe, homeopathic remedies may minimize relapses, decrease size and intensity of the skin lesions or put the condition into complete remission.

About 85% of all eczema patients treated for eczema experienced some improvement.

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