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Eczema in children

Eczema is a certain skin condition that is known to attack the children and infants before they reach the age of five a lot more often than adults. However, people need to know that some children suffer from eczema for a long period of time but it does not flare up until later in life.

These cases are rare but they do happen. In most cases of eczema, it goes away when a child reaches the age of six. This skin condition is known to affect certain parts of the body like the face, hands, arms, legs and areas behind the knees and elbows. It is also pretty common for eczema to be recurring. Parents need to know that even though there is no cure for this condition there are ways that they can help their children avoid suffering from flares.

Eczema causes and symptoms

One of the first and most common symptoms of eczema is itching. In most cases the itching is not that bad during the day but it tends to become a lot worse as soon as the night falls. Apart from the itching, some of the other symptoms are the formation of patches red or brownish gray in color. As the condition progresses, a person will experience small bumps on the areas affected by eczema. If a person scratches these bumps, they are likely to leak fluid and crust. People should also know that the skin is most likely to become thick or scaly. The doctors are still unsure of the actual causes of eczema. However, it is strongly believed that dry and irritated skin usually triggers the condition to occur. If the immune system does not function properly, that can also lead to eczema. A person who suffers from hay fever or asthma is most likely to develop eczema and a person who had eczema has a strong chance of suffering from hay fever or asthma later in life.


Parents need to know that the treatment for eczema is supposed to ease the itching and reduce inflammations. Over-the-counter drugs are mainly used as a treatment for mild cases of eczema. Prescription strength drugs are used when the condition is a severe one. It is mostly the corticosteroids creams or ointments that are being used. Antibiotics are also the part of the treatment. Some doctors recommend oral antihistamines, due to the fact that they are useful not only for severe itching but also induce sleep.

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