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There are various types ofdermatitis and it can be some kind of eczema, rashes, allergic reaction, etc.Eczema occurs when skin is in contact with some kind of irritating substance inthe environment. It can be cosmetic products, some ingredient in herbs,pollutants in swimming pools, water and air, etc.

Sometimes eczema is caused byviral infections, while sometimes cause is unknown. Sign of eczema are cracked,itchy, dry and red skin. Most common type of eczema is atopic eczema, and inmainly affects children before age of five, which means they are born withthese conditions. External factors like pollen and pet fur, and internal one,like hormone levels and stress, makes it worse.

This type of dermatitis is ahereditary. If the parents, both or just one of them has atopic eczema, chancesare that the child will inherit this condition, and in cases that both parentshad it, chances are over 80%. Eczema can also be worsened by some form ofallergies. Allergy is evoked by substances in the environment called allergens.

Some of most dangerous allergensin the environment that can worsen eczema are pollen, pet fur and house dust –mites. Also you can find those dangerous allergens in the food too, such aswheat, nuts, eggs, soya and cow’s milk.

How exactly stress affects atopiceczema, is not quite clear, doctors only found that there is a connection withstress and elevated symptoms of atopic eczema.

Also, hormonal changes in womencan trigger the elevated symptoms of atopic eczema, especially duringpregnancies and menstrual periods.

There are several possiblecomplications, in cases of atopic eczema. Here are some of them;

Self confidence Lack of self confidence in children is ever lasting problem. To add to theworst, children with atopic eczema cases finds very hard to deal with theircondition, witch affects their ability to form social contacts, and diminishestheir self esteem. Encouragement and support from their closest ones can helpthem to deal with their mental and physical problems.

Infectionas we said before, atopic eczema leaves the skin itchy and dry. When childrenscratch their affected areas, infections may occur on those places. One ofpossible bacteria that can infect scratched places is Staphylococcus aurous. Incase of bacterial infection, you must take precautions, and apply adequatetherapy.

Sleep disturbancein cases when children have eczema, they tend not to sleep very well at night,due to itching and irritation. That can affect their mood, and make them hardto concentrate in school. You should make sure that teachers know about child’sproblems, and act accordingly.

BullyingAs in other cases, children tend to attack or tease someone who looks differentfrom them. You should make all necessary steps in order to protect your childfrom those occurrences.

Psychological effectsChildren with atopic eczema tend to be withdrawn, especially if affected areasare on the face or other highly visible places. You must provide all necessarysupport, in order for your child to accept its condition, and to try to treatit as normally as it could.

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