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When a woman conceives pregnancy, she must deal with many discomforts thereon. Due to the changes in the hormone levels, she may suffer from morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, mood swings and many other unpleasant conditions. Constipation is also a normal condition for the early pregnancy, and when we say early pregnancy, it refers to the first three months.

Constipation is the bowel movement disorder characterized by the hard and dried feces that have the difficulty to pass. This problem is frequently accompanied by heartburn since the stomach is emptied slower and the stomach acid’s amount in digestive process in considerably increased.

Causes of constipation in early pregnancy

In the majority of cases, the main reason for the occurrence of constipation is the increased level of the hormone progesterone. This hormone, apart from the estrogen, is very important for a proper development of pregnancy. Progesterone has the role to make the muscles and ligaments softer since the fetus inside the woman is going to grow gradually. Therefore, the woman’s body has to be prepared for the required expansion. The intestinal muscle softening slows down the digestive system and subsequently causes constipation in the initial stage of pregnancy. Almost every pregnant woman has to take prenatal vitamins as an addition to the regular diet, which does not include all the necessary vital vitamins and minerals. The iron in these vitamins is responsible for the occurrence of constipation in pregnancy. Furthermore, many pregnant women must take iron supplements in order to prevent anemia and to make the body stronger for the growing child inside of them. In those women who suffer from morning sickness, nausea and vomiting in the beginning of their pregnancy, much of water is lost through vomiting and dehydration leads to the constipation. Moreover, loss of appetite due to nausea and vomiting prevents the pregnant woman from eating necessary amounts of foods rich in fiber, and as a result, constipation occurs. Other potential causes for the incidence of this condition in early pregnancy include stress and certain diseases, such as diabetes, uremia, insomnia and stroke.

Symptoms of constipation in the early pregnancy

When it occurs in the early pregnancy, constipation is the condition accompanied by many other symptoms. The most common accompanying symptoms are heartburn, painful bowel movement, hard and dried stools, straining and bloating. In addition to these symptoms, backaches, mental stress, fatigue and sleeping problems, as well as gas, may also appear along with constipation in the early pregnancy.

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