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The most reliable and the quickest way of telling you that you are definitely pregnant is of course a home pregnancy test. But, even though there are some early pregnancy tests that are quite accurate, it is very difficult to get a positive pregnancy test before your menstrual period is due. This is because your body is not yet producing significant quantities of the relevant hormone, HcG. But most women do have some signs of pregnancy before the lack of a period tells them to take a test. What are they?

Signs and symptoms of early pregnancy are not the same for every woman, or even for every pregnancy. I was sick multiple times a day during one pregnancy, but had a total absence of symptoms during the next. So even if you are not having any of these signs, that does not mean you cannot be pregnant. Still, here are some of the more common signs of pregnancy before a missed period.

Nausea, and throwing up

This is the notorious morning sickness that everyone talks about. As you probably already know, morning sickness can strike at any time of the day, and not just in the morning. It is also possible to be nauseous all day long. You can be nauseous without vomiting, but throwing up is quite common.

A very sensitive sense of smell

Really. All of a sudden you will be able to smell your next door neighbor's incense, or are able to guess what your co-worker had for lunch yesterday. Pregnant women have a more developed sense of smell than the rest of humanity. It is also possible that smells you barely notice before will now make you sick. Think coffee, washing up liquid, or fish.

A bloated abdomen

No, this is not your growing embryo. But, during very early pregnancy, many women do have a bloated tummy, along with some discomfort. Because this is something that can also happen to you before your period comes along, a bloated abdomen alone should not be taken as a pregnancy symptom.

Being really, really tired

If you truly struggle to get up in the morning, can hardly get through the day, and want to crash on the couch as soon as you get home from work, that's an early pregnancy symptom that is pretty hard to ignore. Early pregnancy fatigue is almost universal, and typically lasts for the whole first trimester.

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