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Pregnancy is in most cases one of the happiest periods in the life of a woman. There are many signs that can appear even after a week, while in the majority of cases they begin to appear after three or four weeks. It is very important to know if a woman is pregnant from the very beginning of the pregnancy in order to pay attention to a healthier lifestyle.

Immediate signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state of woman that can manifest through several symptoms in the first month after conception. On of the sings of pregnancy is spotting, which is also well known under the name implantation bleeding. The implantation bleeding appears two weeks after the egg fertilization and when the embryo is implanted into the wall of the uterus. In many cases, women think that this bleeding is just the start of the menstruation, because it is usually accompanied with lower abdominal pain or cramping. Another sign of pregnancy is the increase in the basal body temperature before the missed period. The temperature of the body tends to increase in the period of ovulation and falls down to the body’s normal temperature at the beginning of the menstruation. In the case when the temperature is constantly high, it can be considered as one of the signs of pregnancy.

The morning sickness or morning nausea is a typical immediate symptom of pregnancy. This nausea usually appears within three to eight weeks after the conception. The sense of smell is improved in this period, too. Therefore, the pregnant woman is very sensitive on various smells. Furthermore, if the woman’s breasts become very sensitive and if a darkening in the areas around the areolas appears, it may be the sign of the pregnancy. This usually occurs when the woman is two weeks pregnant and it is the sign that the breasts are preparing for breastfeeding.

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is missed menstrual period. In many cases, there is a slight bleeding due to implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterine wall, but this bleeding is very short and light and it is not like a normal menstruation. Moreover, it is normal that a pregnant woman feels constant fatigue and tiredness. Therefore, she has the urge to frequently have a rest or take naps several times a day. Other signs of pregnancy are lower back pain and frequent headaches as well as frequent urination and constipation. Many pregnant women have characteristic craving or aversion for certain foods.

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