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Ear pain or otalgia is medical condition referring to thepainful sensation in the ear or both ears. People might experience ear painbecause of the problem associated with the ears, and this condition is known asprimary otalgia, which can be caused by infection or obstruction in the earitself. Another type of otalgia is referred otalgia, indicating that somethinghappening outside the ear causes ear pain. Conditions that might provoke thiskind of pain are different infections of the sinus or tonsils. More than halfof all ear pain-related cases reported to the doctor were found to be provokedby referred otalgia.

Pain in the ear is one of the most unpleasant feelingsanyone can experience, and people say that this pain made their life miserableand themselves unable to perform at work. Seriousear pains require a visit and consultation with your doctor, while some milderpain may also be treated with the help of certain home remedies or over thecounter drugs. Diagnosing the cause of your ear painis crucial, because that way your doctor will know how to treat the condition.

Medications for Ear Pain

Visiting your doctor, you will be properly diagnosed andtreated. If the cause of your ear pain is an infection, your doctor will usuallyprescribe oral antibiotic medications, or, in some cases steroidal ear drops,to resolve ear pain. Otherwise, of there is no infection of the ear(s), butjust some ear inflammation, your doctor’s choice would be steroidal ear drops.

Over the counter medications (OTC) can be found in anypharmacy or supermarket, and some of them could be helpful in situation whenyou are suffering from ear pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications(NSAIDs), acetaminophen or ibuprofen are primary choices, but there are alsosome antiseptic ear drops, beneficial for ear pain patients.

Home Remedies for Ear Pain

People suffering from ear pain are sometimes advised tosleep with the painful ear facing up, to avoid adding more pressure to it. Severalthings are believed to be helpful for earache, including: basil, garlic,hydrogen peroxide and mustard seed oil. Holy basil leaves extract isconsidered to be great remedy for ear pain, as well as hydrogen peroxide andmustard seed oil, all used as ear drops.

When to Visit the Doctor

Children should not be given OTC drugs, especially notaspirin, but rather taken to the doctor’s to prevent all possiblecomplications. Adults whose ear pain didn’t decrease after 24 hours and the useof some OTC or home remedies should also consult the doctor.

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