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It sounds obvious, but our ears are vital when it comes to our sense of hearing. This sense is fundamental, and loss of or impairment to our hearing can be debilitating. The ear passage is open to environment, thus making it vulnerable to problems. Children tend to be more vulnerable than adults when it comes to ear problems.


Some of the problems that can occur with regard to the ears are tinnitus, earache, hearing impairment, ear infections, pus and other types of discharge. Problems such as these can be quite disturbing in those who are suffering from them. They can cause considerable interference with daily life and function.

When it comes to children, they have a tendency to insert various types of objects in their ears, which cause severe problems in many cases. Those who do not take proper care of their ears will of course be more susceptible than most.

Remedies for ear difficulties

The word tinnitus refers to a ringing sensation in the ears. This type of problem can come to pass as a result of an ear infection, the entry of a living organism into the ear, climactic changes or even air pressure changes. Children who face these kinds of problems can become disoriented and might even suffer accidents. To combat tinnitus, take some coconut or sesame in an earthenware pot. Hang the pot from the ceiling before making a tiny hole in the bottom. A thin stream of oil should thus begin to fall from the pot. Then, lie on the ground so that the stream of oil falls on the forehead. In Ayurvedic therapy, this is called shirodhara. Another good Ayurvedic oil is the Aparamarga Kshaara taila. This oil should be dropped into the ear, not more than five at a time. Or, you can try the Hingawadi taila. This oil should be applied externally around the ears.

Otherwise, one might try the following tinnitus treatment. Add a teaspoonful of ghee to a cup of milk and blend it. Drink the liquid once each day. Or, put a teaspoonful of mustard oil in an open pan. Roast a single clove of garlic in the oil, before taking out the clove and squeezing it into the ear.

The following method might also prove beneficial. Warm some tulsi leave juice and put two or three drops into each ear. Doing this once per day for around four days should solve the ringing sensation.

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