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Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is a substance normally produced by the glands in the outer ear canal. It is a yellow substance and comprises keratin, long chain fatty acids, cholesterol, squalene and alcohols. The substance is essential for elimination of all the foreign particles that enter the ear canal. It also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties.

In case too much ear wax is produced or it is pushed down the ear canal the condition known as clogged ear may develop. It requires removal of the wax. Once the wax is removed hearing drastically improves. In many cases removal of ear wax is possible without any preparation. However, if the ear wax has hardened and simply cannot be removed doctors recommend injection of hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear canal. Hydrogen peroxide softens the clogged ear wax and makes the removal easier.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax removal is indicated only in case a person is not suffering from severe ear pain and fluid discharge from the ear. These two point to the presence of the infection of the outer or middle ear. So, in case of ear infection of any kind ear wax removal is strictly forbidden. Furthermore the usage of hydrogen peroxide is not recommended in people with extremely sensitive skin. In these patients instead of hydrogen peroxide the doctor recommends irrigation with normal saline solution or warm water.

In purposes of ear irrigation doctors commonly prescribe 3% hydrogen peroxide. For the very procedure of the ear wax removal they use almond or olive oil, a bulb aspirator, cotton balls, eye dropper, towel and 2-3 bowls. Hydrogen peroxide as well as olive oil are kept in a bowl of hot water. This makes the solutions warm. It is essential not to apply cold hydrogen peroxide or other substances since they cause vertigo.

The head is tilted which makes the treated ear face the ceiling. 2-3 drops of heated oil or hydrogen peroxide are poured in the treated ear. After a few minutes 2-3 more drops are used. The head is supposed to stay in the initial position until the bubbling effect of hydrogen peroxide ceases. Any spillage is collected with a towel placed on the shoulder.

In case of impacted ear the treatment with hydrogen peroxide must be repeated for several days and only then a patient comes for ear irrigation and ear wax removal. The actual irrigation includes injection of warm water by the bulb aspirator. The position of the bulb aspirator is about 45 degrees to the ear. The warm water is injected into the ear and it mechanically removes the ear wax.

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