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Most undesirable clogging

The first and foremost association that springs to every person's mind once his/her ear gets clogged is to reach for the closest and ready available clogged ear remedy. For a person to be able to deal with this menacing and at times quite painful ailment, he/she needs to act quickly and seek medicinal help straight away.

The ailment in question belongs to the category of those fairly frequent ones, thus befalling almost any person at least once in his/her entire life. As far as the most prominent culprits are concerned, they include such as swollen lymph nodes, tonsillitis, a cold, various throat infections, sore throat, sinuses, viral infections, changes in the air pressure, infections bacterial in nature, occurrence of a boil in outer ear canal, perforated, as well as ruptured eardrum. In addition to the aforementioned, fairly frequent culprits are also bacteria, i.e. their presence inside the person's ear.


In case a person has been befallen by this highly unpleasant condition, he/she is most likely to experience first the presence of an ear pressure inside the ear. This feeling will resemble that of having something foreign stuck inside one's ear. Another quite common manifestation and indicator is also slight loss of hearing. Also, under clogging in the course of tilting one's head or moving a jaw, or lying down one will hear a crackling sound. To accompany such feelings there is also yet another one that makes one feel as if he/she has excessive fluid build ups inside the ears.

Curing and way out methods and remedies

Having remedies and remedial methods in mind, a person should be aware that only by properly employing them, can one be completely sure that, ultimately, he/she will break free from the nightmarish grasp of clogged ears, and do so once and for all. The most effective remedies include the following:

Hydrogen peroxide, which represents an extremely beneficial and effective remedy for the condition in question. For maximum effect, it should be poured in one's ears and it should be left there for about 3 minutes, after which it can be removed by simply tilting one's head to the side. Pure grain alcohol is yet another effective means for dealing with the clogged ear problem. Two drops in the morning and two at night, prior to going to bed should solve the problem.

Other effective methods involve the employment of ear candles, sweet oil, mineral oil etc.

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