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Do you normally love to be the one to host and organize a Christmas party, but are now pregnant and due this month or next? Should you even be thinking about throwing a Christmas party this year, or should you give it a miss altogether? If you would still like to have a great Christmas, what should you do? We have been there, done that and have some tips for you!

When it comes to Christmas parties and the final stages of pregnancy, having a party in your house can be much, much more convenient than traveling to be with friends or relatives. You have obviously made your birth plans for your local neighborhood, and would not like to go into labor when you are spending time at some out of state relative's house! Having a Christmas party in your house does not mean that you also have to be the one to organize it! Why not offer your home as the venue for your family's Christmas party, but ask another relative to do all the hard work? You are about to do a whole lot more "hard labor", and you are completely justified in not wanting to do any cooking, decorating, and so on.

You will have the most fun if you expect the unexpected. Your water might just break during your Christmas party. Now, that would be spectacular! But less exciting things like simply not feeling up to participating in the party can also happen. Accept that, and make sure anyone coming to your party does, too. What are you drinking this Christmas? If you're a little short of inspiration, we have some recipes for non-alcoholic Christmas drinks for pregnant moms for you! If you simply want to pass on Christmas this year, that's fine to. If you are due around Christmas, you have the best excuse in the world.

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