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Dry skin is a common problem that affects a lot of people all over the world. There is no rule and people of all ages can get affected by dry skin. Eczema is a pretty common problem among children and according to the data 20% of all children are affected by it. Apart from eczema, a child can simply end up suffering from dry arms, legs, hands or the area around the mouth. Dry skin is known to peel, itch a lot and become red and rough. A child whose skin is dry will especially dry it out when he or she swims or plays and sweats during the hot summer months. Winter is also problematic due to the fact that the humidity is low then and the atmosphere will take the moisture from the skin.

Prevention of dry skin

There are a lot of causes of dry skin in children. Apart from all the most common causes, some children might have inherited some form of dry skin that makes them a lot more sensitive to certain factors that make the skin dry. A child can also have dry skin because of the soap that he or she uses. Not using enough moisturizer can lead to dry skin as well. However, parents need to know that there are ways they can help their children avoid suffering from dry skin. One of the ways to prevent dry skin is to give the child a mild soap when he or she washes. After the bath, parents should apply moisturizers to the skin of their children. The moisturizers that are being used should be non-alcohol-based. The moisturizer can even be reapplied a couple of times per day. Placing a cool mist humidifier in the child’s room helps a lot, especially during winter. Making the child wear gloves during winter is important as well.

Treating dry skin

If the parents were unable to prevent their child getting dry skin, there is no need to worry because there are many ways to treat the problem. Applying Hydrocortisone cream to the affected areas helps a lot. If the lotion was unable to prevent dry skin, parent should switch to using creams or ointments. Trying a different moisturizer is a good option as well. People should also be aware of specialized moisturizers that are supposed to be better than regular ones but they do cost a bit more.Wet-to-dry skin dressing should be considered as well.

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