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There are a lot of causes that lead to dry skin. People need to understand that babies and young children can suffer from dry skin just the same as adults. However, the skin of the babies is a lot more sensitive and that is why it is more prone to dryness than the skin of adults. This is why parents need to pay a lot of attention so that the skin of their baby does not become dry.

Dry skin in babies

Dry skin is a lot more common during winter and some of the most common causes in winter season are cold, dry outdoor air and indoor heating, among other things. All of these causes take the moisture out of the skin and that is why it is important that people take good care of their skin in winter. Summer also has a lot of dangers for the skin, like the sun, air conditioning, salt water and chlorine in pool water. What can be done?

If the skin of the baby becomes dry, parent need not worry too much because there are many ways they can help their children. The first thing that can be done in order for the dry skin to be prevented is to cut back on bath time. Bathing dries the skin because it removes the natural oils from the skin. However, bathing is important and a parent can avoid getting the skin more dry by following some simple steps.

The first thing that can be done is that the bathing should be done in ten minutes and not in half an hour. Secondly, the water must not be hot but warm, because hot water only further dries the skin. Using the right kind of soap is also important.

After the parents have bathed the baby, they should dry him or her quickly and lightly using a soft towel Right after drying the baby, the parents should apply a moisturizer. This way, the water will be sealed in the skin and the skin will not get dry. Using a thick moisturizer is better than using one that is not thick. If the skin still remains dry, the parents should try using an ointment or a thicker cream.

Dry skin can also be prevented by not allowing salt or chlorine to dry on the skin. If the air in the baby’s bedroom is dry, parents need to get a humidifier.

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