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The skin is our largest organ, it is visible andtherefore, it must be maintained healthy. However, it can be affected by variouscauses, and many conditions in the body usually manifest themselves onthe skin. One of the disorders of the skin is the appearance of dry spots onit.

Causes of dry spots on skin

In majority of cases, dry skin occurs with theonset of winter and one of the first aids is various moisturizers. However, thewinter is just one of the causes for this distressing condition. Another frequent cause for the appearance of drywhite spots on skin is eczema. Eczema is the medical term for the skincondition marked by swelling and redness of the epidermis layer of the skin. Theperson with eczema may experience itching and crusting of the dry spots, aswell. Moreover, psoriasis may also lead to the appearanceof dry spots on skin and this condition usually goes along with flaky skin. Unfortunately,the treatment lasts very long and it is very difficult to completely cure it. Dry spots on skin can be caused by extreme coldweather, but also, they can be induced by long exposure to the sun. Dehydration and aging are also some of the causesfor this condition, but the fact is that the red dry spots on the skin in mostcases occur because of the skin sensitiveness to certain soaps and cosmeticproducts.

Treatment of dry spots on skin

There are certain things that the person who notices dry spots on the skin can try at home. In the case when there is noimprovement, the person should visit a dermatologist. The skin is a very sensitive organ and must bemoisturized every day, so one of the ways to cure dry spots on the skin is hydrationof the skin. The person with dry spots on the skin should drink as much wateras possible, at least 8 glasses a day. Furthermore, fresh juices can also help,but the person should avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine. Moreover, thehealthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is also highly recommended. In the case when a person is exposed to extremeweather, the moisturizing and protecting of the skin is very important. Many dermatologists suggest vitamin E as the best vitaminfor dry spots on the skin. It can be used in the form of capsules or there isalso vitamin E oil that should be applied on the skin. Furthermore, honey andolive oil are also highly recommended for curing this condition.

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