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Babies and toddlers are very likely to suffer from dry skin. In fact, this is so common that 4 of 5 babies have this problem these days. Some of them have issues with complications like eczema, even at such young age.

Why is Baby’s Skin Dry?

During the development in the womb, babies are protected with amniotic fluid. Once they are born and during the first days of their life, their skin has to adjust to the outside and the reality that it is not so moist environment like the one it used to have. Because of these circumstances, babies could develop patches of dry skin and some redness during the first several days.

Some kids may be sensitive to dry air in heated house or on the outside during winter months, so they could also suffer from dryness. Summer may also be the time of the year to cause dry skin in young children, especially because of the water in swimming pools or oceans. Salt or chlorine (depending where the child has swim in) is well documented to be possible explanation for rashes and dry skin in babies.

Too much cleaning and washing with soaps every day could also harm your baby’s skin and make it very dry. Listen to your pediatrician advices and don’t get surprised if he or she tells you that your baby doesn’t need to be washed completely every day.

How Can You Help?

Babies are sensitive and they will benefit from humidifiers and vaporizers placed around the house, or at least in baby’s room. It will moisturize the air and hydrate dry skin patches. For children who don’t tolerate the heating well, try to put on another layer of clothes instead to turn the heat up for a notch.

During the wintertime, protect your baby’s hand by giving him or her some gloves and make sure to use sunscreen to protect the child from summer sunburns. All kids love to be in water, but once they are out of the swimming pool or ocean always rinse them with some tap water and apply moisturizer on wet skin. The thicker moisturizers and creams the better there are for dry baby’s skin.

As we mentioned, you don’t have to bath the baby every day, but 3 to 4 times per week. For older kids this rule doesn’t apply and they have to be washed every day. Avoid using bubble baths and harsh soaps on baby skin, for they may cause even greater problems. Choose products without fragrances and soap.

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