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Dry skin is usually not a serious condition. However, it can be very unappealing aesthetically, resulting in flakes, scales or wrinkles once the plump skin cells turn into shriveled ones. In some cases, dry skin can lead to development of some serious skin conditions which can further result in psychological stress and other such problems.

Reasons behind Dry Skin

Commonly, most reasons behind dry skin can be prevented since these greatly depend on the environment the person is exposed to. Thus, harsh weather, extreme temperatures or excessive bathing, all can lead to dry or problematic skin.

If dry skin seems to be bothering you, try and take care about the possible causes of it. If you are not capable of dealing with this problem on your own, seek medical assistance. Upon visiting your dermatologist, he/she will evaluate your skin condition, perform the necessary tests and recommend the best possible treatment.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

A skin that is absolutely healthy is almost impossible to possess. Nevertheless, you can benefit greatly from the pieces of advice mentioned below, keeping your skin in the best possible condition.

First of all, you need to keep the skin moisturized. Moisturizers help the skin preserve and use water. When purchasing these cosmetic products, you are advised to seek thicker ones, since these are usually of better quality. There are plenty of over-the-counter solutions to look for, so take your pick or have certain brands recommended. Alternatively, in cases of extreme skin dryness, you may want to use baby oil, applied on moist skin.

When you are bathing, make sure you use pleasantly warm water. Also, do not spend too much time bathing. Once you have finished washing and cleaning your body, pat the skin try with gentle, clean towels, allowing some moisture to remain present. Then, apply the moisturizer or the oil, finishing the process.

Humidifiers and your Skin

Since the skin is affected by humidity of the air, you can benefit greatly from having a humidifier installed in your household, keeping the air ideal for your skin, preventing flaking or itching. Choose a high-quality device of this type and keep it clean.

Finally, other factors you might want to pay attention to, once you are taking good care of your skin, are clothing and the materials you are exposing your skin too. Wool is harsh and can damage the skin. So, you might want to opt for gentle, natural materials such as silk and cotton.

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