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Dry skin is considered as one of the most common skinproblems. It may last up to a couple ofdays, and treatments might work just briefly. Dry skin on the face is commonfor the time of winter but some may have this problem during the whole year.

Causes of Dry Skin on Face

Skin becomes dry if it is unable to retain sebum levels andadequate moisture. It feels tightened and uncomfortable and occasionally evenitchy. Only when you apply some moisturizer, it gets to be soft. Very dry skinappears rough and cracked.

Dehydration is the fundamental and the most common reason ofdry skin on the face. If consuming too many sugary products and caffeine, andnot drinking enough water during the day, then this may certainly lead to dry skinon the face. Not enough healthy nourishment in the diet and a lot of junk foodcan also lead to skin dryness. This as well induces low levels of vitamins Aand B in the blood, which can be significant for this problem.

Low quality skin care products might cause irritation to theskin and lead to dry, itchy skin on the face. Environmental influences like thewind, cold and sunlight also lead to this problem. Furthermore, if you tend toget allergies, they can make your skin dry and irritated. Additionally, if youspend too much time in an air-conditioned space, you can possibly get dry skinon the face.

Aside from the problems mentioned above, you might have dryskin on the face due to a genetic predisposition, hormonal problem or even dueto disorders such as diabetes.

Treatments to Cure Dry Skin on Face

First of all, you have to drink a lot of water to get rid ofthe dry skin on the face. Following, eat a healthy food which should containveggies, grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. Sulfur high nourishments, such asonion, eggs and garlic are a must for having a soft skin. It is a good idea todrink fresh juices of fruits and vegetables instead of sodas and sugary drinks.Peppermint or/and chamomile tea, is good for treating a dry skin problem,either drinking it or applying it on the skin.

After exposing your skin to sunlight or dirt, you have tocleanse it and apply a moisturizer. Furthermore, wash your skin and apply amoisturizer before going to sleep. Try to avoid soap or cleansing creams on theface. As an alternative, you can use almond and olive oil to clean theskin.

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