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Rash on back of neck

Rash on back of neck is not that common health problem but it does occur. A person who is diagnosed with a rash on back of neck knows that the main characteristics of the problem are red and itchy bumps on the skin. These blisters occur due to various reasons. There are also a lot of factors that contribute to the occurrence of blisters as well.

It is more common for children to be suffering from this particular skin problem than adults. When a person is affected by neck rash his or her skin will become dry and itchy. The neck will become red in color and it is not uncommon that people experience pain due to neck rash. Even the texture of the skin will change in some cases and will become swollen.

Causes of rash on back of neck

People need to know that there are a lot of causes that lead to neck rash. Some of the most common causes are acne and sunburn.

Acne is known to cause neck rash as neck rash is one of the main characteristics of acne. Apart from neck rash, a person will also suffer from pimples, blackheads and whiteheads as well. Even though acne is most likely to affect the face and back, they do occur on neck in some cases. If acne is the cause of neck rash, people need not worry too much because there are a lot of available over the counter creams that will get rid of the problem.

Dermatitis is another common cause of neck rash. A person who suffers from dermatitis will also be affected by itchiness and his or her skin will appear swollen. The itchiness is the biggest problem of dermatitis, as most people know. However, scratching should be avoided because it leads to redness of the neck and skin irritation. The usage of inappropriate skin products leads to dermatitis in most cases. An allergic reaction to certain materials is also known to cause dermatitis.

Neck rash can also occur as a side effect of some medication. If that happens, a person should stop using the medication and ask the doctor about some other medication or alternative therapy.

An allergic reaction to certain foods can also be manifested as neck rash. In this case, the rash is usually accompanied by itchiness.

Apart from all these causes, neck rash can also occur due to eczema and psoriasis.

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