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One of the most common conditions that occur in almost the every person is acne. It can be very distressful and nerve racking for everyone who has constant problems with recurring acne. The main cause for the occurrence of this problem is related to hormones that stimulate the oil glands and block the follicles. Then the inflammation occurs because bacteria start to accumulate there. The most typical places for the emerging of acne are cheeks, chin and forehead, although it may appear everywhere on the body. The outbreak of acne around mouth is not very common, but may also happen. It is very rare because the production of oil in the region around mouth is very low.

Causes of acne around mouth

The main cause for the occurrence of acne around mouth is applying of lip-balms on the mouth frequently. When a woman constantly uses lip-balms, the mouth gradually loses the ability to moisturize itself and the skin becomes dry eventually. In such case, it is necessary to apply lip-balms again. The small lines around the lips transfer the oil from lip-balms to the area around the mouth. The follicles and pores become blocked and spots outbreak.

Vaseline based lip-balms usually cause acne because they are made of mineral oils that irritate the follicles. Furthermore, there are cases when acne around mouth appear due to the inadequate toothpaste. Acne around mouth may also be caused by the fungus called Candida albicans. The fungus lives normally in our organism, as well as on the skin. The overproduction of the fungus may lead to oral or mouth yeast infection and genital (vaginal or penile) yeast infection. Acne appearing around mouth caused by the fungus usually outbreaks as pimples and blackheads.

There are cases when many people mistake perioral dermatitis for acne. Perioral dermatitis is a medical term for the rash that appears in the area around the mouth, as the body’s allergic reaction to certain things. The common symptoms of perioral dermatitis are small red blisters that are typically itchy.

Treatment of acne

First, it is important not to use lip-balms. Furthermore, the diet must consist of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. It is also recommended to reduce eating sweets and foods high in cholesterol and sugar. Otherwise, the acne may become worse and recurring. People who have the problem with acne around mouth should also consume as much water as they can.

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