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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from cracked and dry skin. Cracked skin is actually one of the most common symptoms of dry skin. Apart from being a symptom of dry skin, cracked skin is also known to occur due to scratching, some trauma or infection. When the skin becomes dry it turns flaky and rough and in a lot of cases it develops small tears that are known to lead to deeper cracks otherwise known as fissures. If that occurs, a person can end up suffering from cracks that go even deeper into the skin. Cracked skin does not usually occur alone and there are always some other symptoms of dry skin. These symptoms usually lead to one another. For instance, scaling is known to cause itchiness, itchiness scratching and scratching can cause inflammation and small tears. This is why it is important that a person treats dry skin as soon as it occurs. There are various causes that lead to dry skin and some of the most common are diet, dry or cold weather, dermatitis, hormonal imbalance and allergic reactions. Certain skin disorders like eczema and exposure to chemicals like alcohol can also be the cause of dry skin. If a person is suffering from deep fissures, it is not uncommon for him or her to end up suffering from infections as well. It is important to treat the infections because they can lead to sepsis. A person should seek medical assistance if deep cracks or fissures appear. If there is redness, heat, throbbing and swelling involved, a person should call 911 immediately.

Other symptoms that might occur with cracked skin

The underlying cause, disorder or condition will determine what other symptoms will accompany the cracked skin. In most cases it is the itchiness and scaling, along with redness and dryness that are present with cracked skin. Apart from these, there are some other sings that may occur like blisters, bleeding from cracked skin, crumbling nails, crusting sores, itchy skin, rash, scaly skin and silver or white plaques. These are not all the symptoms that may accompany cracked skin and there are also excessive sweating, joint pain and loss of feeling in feet, along with other signs of diabetes.

Serious symptoms

People should know that there are also some symptoms that may be the sign of a life-threatening condition. A person should call 911 if cracked skin is accompanied with some other symptoms like severe pain, high fever, fainting, chills with shaking, confusion and passing out or unresponsiveness.

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