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There are many health conditions, ranging from benign to serious, which can cause a skin rash. Scarlet fever, irritant dermatitis and impetigo are some of the main causes of this problem. Also, acne, eczema and sun burn can cause the problem, along with the allergic reaction due to the use of certain medications. If the allergic reaction has caused the rash, the rash is mostly located on the neck and this problem is called allergic rash. Pityriasis vesicolor, mycosis fungoides and folliculitis are some of the conditions that can also cause rash on the neck. Itching, burning sensation, irritation and skin redness are some of the potential symptoms caused by these conditions.


Take a cotton swab, put some antibacterial cleanser on it and apply it one the problematic skin region. The bacteria causing the skin pores to clog will be removed by this, along with the irritants causing the rash. Itchiness may be experienced along with the chest and neck rash and the Hydrocortisone cream can help you in such situations because it soothes the affected and itching skin. Remedy made from boiling witch hazel can be applied on the affected location for 30 minutes are this will reduce the itching, but use a cotton swab to apply the remedy. Aloe Vera leaves can provide a good gel, which can be placed on the rash because it can help with the skin disorders. Aloe Vera gel causes certain benefits for the skin due to its content of nutrients, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Anti-inflammatory abilities of the calendula essential oil are also helpful. Cool compress can make the redness decrease since it draws out the heat and thus decreases the redness. Apply this remedy several times for ten minutes with ten minute breaks. Neck skin rash can decrease the moisture level and dry up the skin, and here olive oil can be used to replenish this lost moist. Oatmeal is also an excellent solution for this problem since it has anti-inflammatory abilities. You can make a bath of oatmeal, by putting oatmeal in the water and waiting for 15 to 20 minutes before bathing, or oatmeal paste, made with a little water, which you can put on the affected skin area.

Few Quick Reliefs

You can rub baking soda on the affected skin or put a cloth previously soaked in water, on the affected area, and this can reduce the itching and decrease the inflammation. Mix pepper, salt, garlic cloves, olive oil and basil leaves and put on the skin rash and experience the benefits. Chamomile oil or tea bags can also be applied on the skin rash for certain benefits.

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