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Numerous substances can be abused and, most of the times, every single drug which is abused by adults is abused by teenagers or adolescents as well. Usually, alcohol is considered to be a drug which individuals abuse. However, in addition to alcohol, there are various other substances triggering addictions and causing people to abuse them over and over again.

Types of Drugs that Teenagers Abuse

First of all, teenagers are quite prone to smoking and abusing tobacco-based products. These are cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. Also, they may also smoke cannabinoids like marijuana or hashish, commonly called Mary Jane or the herb, smoked through joints, blunts, bongs or pipes.

Interestingly, teenagers are also known to abuse cold medications like, for example, Sudafed and Benadryl. Inhalation of certain substances is also considered to be drug abuse. This process, commonly known as “huffing”, may involve inhaling gasoline or ammonia.

Teenagers may also opt for abusing depressants like barbiturates or benzodiazepines, commonly calling them names like “reds”, “yellows”, “roofies”, “downers” etc. Various stimulants are on the list of commonly abused drugs by teenagers too, including amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines. The names for these substances may range from “bennies”, “black beauties”, “speed”, “blow”, “crack”, “rock”, “toot” to “crystal” or “skippy”.

Schoolboy, tango, cash, monkey are all names for narcotics like morphine, heroin, codeine, vicodin or Oxycontin while “acid”, “yellow sunshines”, “buttons” or “shrooms” are all expressions teenagers use for describing hallucinogens like LSD or mushrooms.

“Getting wet” stands for abusing dissociative anesthetics like PCP or ketamine, referred to like “love boat”, “angel dust”, vitamin K etc. “X” usually stands for club drugs like ecstasy. Finally, teenagers may also abuse steroids and other drugs, giving them various different names.

Risk Factors and Signs of Drug Abuse

Teenagers who abuse drugs most commonly come from families which have neglected them and family which did not supervise them or talk with them sufficiently. Moreover, family fights and relationship complications may lead teenagers to drug abuse. Additionally, family history of drug or alcohol abuse may be a reason enough for a teenager to start doing the same. Teenagers usually seek the thrill of being under the influence of drugs, believing that these substances can help them feel better and overcome their difficulties, wrongfully believing that there are no risks related to drug abuse.

People who abuse drugs may be prone to irritable behavior, nervousness, lying, cheating, stealing, as well as verbal and physical violence. They may carry the smell of the drugs they are abusing with them, especially if marijuana is in question. Also, items related to the drugs they are abusing can be found in their pockets, rooms or personal belongings.

These teenagers need support and need to undergo rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible. Thus, if you notice that your teenager is abusing drugs, seek medical assistance immediately.

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