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The main purpose of many different types of drugs is to provide the cure for certain health problems. Therefore, the main purpose of drugs is medical purpose. However, there are also illegal types of drugs which people tend to abuse in order to forget about their problems or feel the supposedly beneficial effect of intoxication.

The Ways Drugs Affect Humans

People commonly use drugs through inhaling, injecting or swallowing them. Once a drug enters one's body through any of these ways, it starts affecting the user, entering the bloodstream and reaching all the organs in our body. Thus, drugs can easily affect our senses, our judgment and sensations. Subsequently, depending on their effects and the dosage administered, drugs can be either harmful or helpful. Also, the effect of certain drugs depends greatly on other substances taken at the same time, such as alcohol or some types of food.

Sometimes, a drug may seem to be helpful, becoming malignant in the long run, making people develop addictions and thus triggering countless health and lifestyle problems.

For example, even though tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, taking illegal drugs and sniffing glue may seem to be fun, enjoyable of beneficial it damages your body and can lead to severe health deterioration. Moreover, while you are under the influence of drugs, you may indulge into certain activities you would never do while sober, like unprotected sex or driving while intoxicated.

Reasons behind Drug Abuse

Teenagers usually take drugs because they want to fit in a certain social group or have fun at parties. Also, some teens believe that drug abuse will make them feel better or more socially acceptable. Those who are into sports may believe that their performance may be increased by specific drugs. Additionally, some may think that drugs will take away their problem.

Unfortunately, drugs only make problems worse, ruining a person's life, career, relationships and many other aspects of existence.

Drugs and Effects

Alcohol, being a commonly used drug, makes people sleepy and intoxicated, leading to memory loss, nausea and vomiting when a person drinks too much. When people get addicted to alcohol, they may experience shaking, sweating, nausea, anxiety, depression and hallucinations as well as fever and convulsions during withdrawal periods.

Amphetamines are one of the most commonly used street drugs leading to feelings of power and extreme strength, alertness and energy. These drugs come in the form of pills or tablets, being sniffed, injected or swallowed. Withdrawal symptoms include aggressiveness, mood swings and anxiety.

Finally, cocaine and crack are quite popular drugs as well, leading to elevated heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. These drugs give people a sense of excessive energy and strength when injected, sniffed or smoked.

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