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A child may abuse drugs for many reasons, and so can his/her parents. Either way, drug and alcohol abuse give rise to numerous health problems, making a person much more prone to depression. Moreover, parents who are abusing certain substances are more likely to abuse their family members, especially children, verbally, sexually and physically. Some children interpret this abuse as punishment for not behaving in a satisfactory way. If this is the case, the abused children are likely to avoid the parents, not wanting to create any troublesome states of affairs.

Parents, Children, Drugs

One of the best possible steps towards prevention of any kind of addiction is knowledge. You are advised to teach your child about the negative effects of alcohol and drugs. Also, if you keep alcohol at home, let the child know that you are not drinking it on a daily basis, but, mainly, on certain occasions. Teach the child to differentiate healthy use of alcohol from unhealthy one.

Remember that you are the role model for the child. Thus, telling the child not to abuse substances you do is likely to be counter-productive, leading to depression affecting the child. For example, a child may observe his/her parent as he/she has a drink or two in order to calm him/herself down. Later on, the child may do the same since he/she considers it a logical step to take, thus getting closer and closer to abuse.

Drugs, Alcohol and Your Life

Many alcoholics and drug addicts choose their addictions over their loved ones. Thus, substance abuse often results in divorces, breakups and problems in relationships, when it comes to adults. When the child notices that the parent is abusing substances, even though he/she is claiming the opposite, the child loses his/her trust in the parent. Moreover, he/she gets more susceptible to trying alcohol or drugs him/herself.

Sometimes, children may want to fix the problem by hiding or disposing of the alcohol found in the house. However, depression may come from the recognition that the parent always goes and gets more alcohol.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons for children from families who abuse alcohol to be depressed. They feel lost and hopeless, being exposed to abusive behavior of parents and the lack of understanding and all the support they need. This kind of life can easily lead children astray, towards alcohol and drug abuse too, creating a vicious circle they might transfer onto their own children later.

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