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Stress-Triggered Insomnia

Many people have panic attacks while inbed, supposed to be sleeping. In such situations, these people areoften unable to sleep, they turn over in their beds, troubled bybreathing difficulties, nervousness, anxiety, exhaustion, nightsweats and many additional fits. Stress is the main reason behindthis condition. Namely, people, worried about certain things, bringtheir problems with them once they get in their beds. However, theproblems cause sleepless nights full of torments, possibly triggeringmany different health problems. For all these reasons, it isnecessary to take some actions in order to stop the panic attacksduring the night.

Causes of Panic Attacks at Night

As mentioned above, the stress remains themajor cause behind this condition. Troubles at work or school,expectations, fears, anxiety, grief, loss of a dear person and manyother causes may lead to panic attacks at night since, though we aresleeping, we continue to worry and feel sad.

However, some health problems may bethe reason behind your sleepless, panic-driven nights. Certainillnesses involving problems in blood distribution or glands may havepanic attacks at night as their side-effects. Also, this conditionmay be triggered by the abuse of certain substances or stimulants.Additionally, people who suffered from heart attacks and similarconditions, tend to have panic attacks during night since they feardeath and the fact that they might experience the stroke once again.Strangely enough, dreams are not connected to this condition. On thecontrary, people can never experience panic attacks while dreaming.

Possible Treatment

There are ways you can help yourself,one suffering from a panic attack of this sort. Namely, try to remaincalm and accept the fact that you just had a panic attack while youwere sleeping, or were supposed to be sleeping. To not dwell upon thefact but, rather, try to forget it and think about something else.Breathe deeply and slowly. This will relax you and make you sleep.

Alternatively, if the above does nothelp, you may seek professional help. Psychotherapy has proven to bean excellent way of treating this condition as it makes one definehis or her problems and fears and confront them orally. Solving the problemsbehind your panic attacks is also a very important thing. Most peoplehide something that bothers them and have their fears and traumaslocked up deep inside them. Facing the reasons behind yourfrustrations will make you more satisfied than spending your wholelife worrying. Therefore, if not facing the problem behind your panicattacks directly, at least try to acknowledge it, accept it and goback to sleep.

Although there are numerous medicationsfor these purposes, self control is the best medicine. Try to solvethe problems bothering you and provide your self a good night sleeprelieved of any panic attacks.

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