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Orange Juice

Orange juice is probably the mostpopular drink, especially during breakfasts. Also, it is known to beone of the healthiest drinks around, serving its popularity evenmore. However, some of us may wonder, during one of our manyindulgences into this beautiful juice, drinking it happily, if toomuch of it may be harmful for our health and overall well-being.Therefore, we are to analyze all the elements of orange juice, tryingto find out whether certain ingredients of it may cause us harm if weconsume too much of this wonderful beverage.

Basically, orange juice is extremelyhealthy. Made out of squeezed oranges, this juice has a very largeconcentration of vitamin C. Also, it is rich in minerals likepotassium and magnesium. At the same time, it contains no cholesterolwhatsoever and is extremely low on fats. Therefore, the only thingthat may harm you is too much of the good stuff in your system. Isthis possible, you might ask. Well, let us see.

Too Much Orange Juice, Good or Bad?

First of all, as it was mentionedabove, by drinking orange juice, you are drinking a lot of vitamin C.Luckily; our body depletes our supplies of this vitamin every 12hours. What is more, some people include supplements in their intake,knowing that some extra vitamin C in your organism can have great,antioxidant features. Still, adult males and females should not havemore than 2000mg of this vitamin daily. Moreover, children areadvised to limit their intake to 50mg, teenage boys to 75 while thegirls of the same age to 65mg. Adult women have their optimal vitaminC intake limited to the same amount as teenage boys do, while adultmen should not take more than 90mg of this vitamin. Finally, smokersand pregnant women can take more, since their healthy limit is 135mga day.

Vitamin C overdose is not a good thingsince you might have your white blood cell number highly jeopardized,making you more prone to illnesses and infections. Excessiveconsumption of orange juice can even affect your genes, while theacidic nature of this beverage may cause dental problems.

Symptoms of Orange Juice Overdose

One of the main problems willdefinitely be related to your intestinal system and stomach.Therefore, stomachaches and abdominal pain, cramps, smelly urine,nausea, vomiting and similar fits may take place. Your face might gored and you might suffer from mouth ulcers, heartburn, gasses andbloating as well as diarrhea.

Severe overdose with this beverage willlead to insomnia, back pain, jaundice, dental decay, copper andvitamin B12 depletion, iron poisoning and respiratory along withheart problems.

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