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Vitamin D Characteristics

This vitamin is vital for our healthand proper functioning as it regulates the levels of phosphorus andcalcium in our organism. It is found and obtained from severaldifferent sources. Namely, we get vitamin D3 from mild sun exposureand also from some vegetables and other nutrients. Another vitaminfrom this group, vitamin D2 is obtained from consumption of fruitsand vegetables. Also, milk and dairy products are rich in thisvitamin, and so is fish and its oil, cod liver oil and oysters.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Bearing in mind that this vitamininfluences calcium production, it is crucial for the health andwell-being of our bones. However, it also plays an important role incancer prevention, especially that affecting our colon. Finally,pregnant women on the way may consider taking adequate amounts ofthis vitamin since it ensures the proper growth and development oftheir soon to be newborn.

Excessive Vitamin D

Too much of anything is not a goodthing. This goes for this vitamin as well. Excessive amount ofvitamin D means excessive amounts of calcium produced in ourorganism, causing kidney stones and other problems related to thisorgan of ours. This may also cause abnormal urine production.

However, it does not stop there, sincenumerous other side-effects may be triggered by overdose of vitamin Din our organism. Again connected with calcium overproduction, itmight get in our blood through our intestines. There it may createclots, reach our heart and possibly trigger a cardiac arrest. In thesame manner, calcium in lungs may cause problems related to thisorgan as well.

Even though, it may be vital for yourchild's proper development while in the mother's uterus, vitamin D,when in quantities more than recommended, easily causes bonemalformations in the fetus along with some other health problems andpossible birth complications.

Also, once the child is born andbreastfed by the mother, she needs to take care of her proper vitaminD intake since excessive quantities may cause seizures, tetany andvarious other gland-related problems.

All in all, vitamin D is an excellentand unavoidable supplement for our health. We cannot possiblyfunction without it. However, we need to be careful and make sure wedo not overindulge in its consumption since the results may prove tobe quite devastating, both for us and for the one's yet to be born.

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