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One of the first things many women think about after their positive pregnancy test is maternity wear. Buying maternity wear certainly makes you feel productive, and even connects you to your unborn baby in a strange way. But is maternity wear really necessary, and if it is, when do you need to buy it? What kinds of clothes are practical in pregnancy, and how do you avoid spending a fortune on a whole new wardrobe that you will only be wearing for nine months at most? This is a no nonsense guide to maternity wear, for frugal women and fashionistas alike.

If you are pregnant for the first time, it is entirely possible that you will not gain enough weight to require you to wear different clothes until halfway through the second trimester. Assuming that is true, you will only need maternity wear for half of your pregnancy around four and a half months. Maternity wear tends to be rather pricey. Isn't it a shame to spend lots of money on clothes that you will only discard in just a little while? Besides, have you ever seen what most maternity clothes look like? Unless you enjoy looking like a sack of potatoes, maternity clothes are going to be very expensive indeed. Personally, I don't think you need maternity clothes at all. Buying a few nice-looking jeans or other pants that have a low rise means that they will not interfere with your baby bump. You can then buy tunic-type tops or short dresses to wear over the pants of your choice, and look great!

The biggest advantage of this is that you will still be able to wear these clothes for a long time to come, after you give birth! Belly bands, which come in many wonderful colors and designs, are another great tool to enable you to wear your regular t-shirts for a lot longer. And dresses that are flowly, like a-line dresses, can be worn whether you are pregnant or not. Admittedly, I am a small woman, but I never bought any maternity clothes at all. There are many better things to spend your money on while you are expecting a baby. Cute baby clothes, for instance!

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