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There is something so very special about newborn babies something magical. Of course, your baby will always stay special! But that immediate newborn stage wears off pretty quickly. Those wrinkly little fingers, those white spots on their face, and the special smell will last a few weeks at best. Don't forget to take pictures of your newborn!

So, what should you take pictures of? As a mother of a five year old and two year old now, I am sorry that I didn't take pictures of certain newborn events, but I still have a lot of pictures that I absolutely treasure. And what's more, my now older children really love to look at pictures of themselves when they were "fresh out of the womb". Here are some ideas for you:

If you can and feel comfortable with it, start with taking pictures during your labor and delivery and while your baby is being born. Make sure to catch pictures of that special first ever skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. Take pictures of your baby's very first feeding, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding this is your baby's very first milestone. The picture above was taken just after my son was born we had a homebirth. If you give birth in hospital, there is something quite special about pictures taken in the hospital with those baby blankets they provide there, and the identification armband still on. Make sure to catch a picture where your baby's umbilical cord stump is still intact. I don't have those, but my daughter was asking about umbilical cords the other day and I would have loved to show her a picture of herself with the cord stump. If you can, baby's first bath is another great event to catch on film! Of course, if you have delivered at a hospital, it is wonderful to take photographs of you leaving the hospital, and the baby's first car ride in his car seat.

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