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Almost every pregnant woman gets weird dreams. Are you one of them, and reading this because you are slightly freaked out by your own dreams? Don't panic. Weird dreams in pregnancy are a healthy way to cope with the joy, stress, fears, and anticipation that a pregnancy inevitably brings with itself. Dreams helps us cope with life, whether we are pregnant or not. Did you know that some experts think that pregnancy dreams have certain meanings? Let's take a look at some common themes which pregnant women dream about.

Emily Procter, the CSI star, discovered she was pregnant in a dream. Apparently, dreams can provide you with some very insightful information in pregnancy! In the first trimester, many pregnant women dream about food cravings, huge baby bumps, or even giving birth to adults! Apparently, your mind is preparing for the changes about to affect your body. Fears about impending motherhood, and about childbirth, are become more common as pregnancy progresses. Many women also dream about maternal instincts, and their concerns about not being a good mother.

A friend of mine had the following dream: "I dreamt that I was captured by tribesmen who were engaging in some kind of religious ritual. They wanted me to take part in the ceremony and told me that I had to eat the baby! When I did not eat my baby all the tribesmen started chanting 'eat the baby, eat the baby, eat the baby'. I know it sounds ridiculous, but at the time the experience was totally real, and almost traumatic." It has been quite a few years since this friend gave birth, and she still remembers the dream like it happened yesterday.

What do you think my friend's sub-conscious was trying to tell her? I'm not a psychologist, but I guess it has a lot to do with preparing for the responsibility, and sometimes sacrifices, that come with parenthood. If you having weird pregnancy dreams too, you might like to keep a journal to make sense of your dreams. You could also share them here, of course!

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