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Whenever it gets sick, our body tells us what the problem is through symptoms and signs it manifests. Now, in order to help ourselves in these situations, we need to know how to listen to our body and how to interpret the messages it sends us. Sometimes, this process is simple and easy, like it is with common cold, where we know exactly what signifies it. However, when a disease such as hepatitis strikes, the whole interpretation process becomes far more complex and demanding.

The First Sign

Hepatitis attacks the liver first. In fact, hepatitis is a disease which focuses its actions on the liver itself. Thus, in order to understand how this process goes, you need to understand the ways in which our liver functions.

Believe it or not, a quarter of all of your bodily blood passes your liver each minute of your life. Subsequently, in four following minutes, all of your blood will enter and leave your liver. So, through blood, our body knows exactly when our liver encounters certain problems.

Facts about Hepatitis

First and foremost, acute hepatitis viruses resemble each other, when it comes to symptoms. Thus, if a person has hepatitis A which is acute, its signs will be the same as an acute variant of hepatitis C. Therefore, exact diagnosis is not possible in this stage, at least not without a proper blood test.

Next, due to the above mentioned qualities of the liver, the symptoms which affect it are usually transferred to some other body parts of the sufferer. Thereby, hepatitis infection of the liver may cause pain in the area, along with joint aches, chills, fever and some other signs. Moreover, not all people have the same symptoms, when it comes to hepatitis. Some people may have just one or a couple of signs, while others may display the whole plethora of hepatitis infection symptoms.

Finally, there are certain variants of hepatitis which do not show any signs of infection at all, staying camouflaged and covert. In these cases, people usually find out about their viral infection once they give blood or undergo a regular health checkup.

Acute Viral Hepatitis

This hepatitis goes through several stages of affecting your body. Thus, through different stages of the virus, your body may display different symptoms.

Initially, the signs appear gradually or abruptly, even though many do not even suspect hepatitis when they notice these. However, when the virus ends its incubation period, it starts to get more active, the signs start appearing more prominently.

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