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There is certainly a fine line between feeling sad and suffering with depression and neither should be taken lightly. When you talk about sadness you think it’s associated more with relatively short-term effects with feeling unhappy or mournful. However these feelings can certainly disrupt one’s life significantly. Unfortunately many doctors will give a patient some form of anti depressant drug which is probably not the solution. As most of us know by now, it’s far more effective to get to the root of the issue rather than masking its symptoms. Depression is equally as disrupting to one’s life’s regime as sadness.

Remedies to Assist with Battling Sadness

Rather than going down the road of the anti depressant medications, first try doing some simple exercises. Even if this just consists of going for a gentle walk each evening this will definitely help to get rid of those sad feelings you’ve been experiencing.

Making a Diagnosis

When you are attempting to diagnose sadness versus depression you need to have a close look at one’s behavior, outer look, communication skills, and feelings expressed. Firstly let’s have a look at the behavior, you need to be primarily searching for a change from the usual behavior for example, a lack of interest in something they are usually interested in. They may be requiring more sleep time and they may start to prefer their own company rather than to be in the company of anyone else. This person may but not always lose their desire for eating. Now moving onto the persons outer looks, again you are looking for a change for the worse. So whatever their standard was to begin with, a depressed person will drop their standard completely for example they will not brush their hair, teeth or wash themselves. Something that is imperative to look out for is the language they are using. Listen for the underlying meanings to their sentences.

Herbs to Help with the Depression or Sadness

There are a few herbs that are highly recommended for alleviating the feelings of depression such as St. Johns Wort. This herb has replaced anti depressants in many circles. But as always, all medicines can give you some unpleasant side effects so it’s always best to see a specialist and find out all the details in full. Another option is Licorice Root because it helps people t relax but don’t use it if you have been known to suffer with a high blood pressure.

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