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It is a fact that there is around ninety five percent of the teenager population that have to endure acne. Its full name is Acne vulgaris, it can usually to start to occur around the puberty age thus providing them with no confidence and a low self esteem. The media, the magazines the television programs all show picture perfect, flawless skinned people which as many of us know are either computerized, air brushed or has tons of makeup and good lighting. Nevertheless, it puts pressure on the teenagers to look a certain way.

Facts about Acne

Usually around the age of twelve the first signs of pimples begin, first there is one, then a cluster and before you know the acne has taken over. Acne can continue to disrupt a person’s life in their adulthood years as well, it is not just for the young. Acne can be seen predominantly on a person’s face but also it can appear on the neck, back, shoulders, chest, and on upper arms. More often than not the teenagers who have acne are usually depressed and are not outgoing. Acne can become a lot worse if a person eats unhealthily, is stressed out or is going through a hormonal change.

First Steps on How to Eliminate Acne

Nobody wants acne, and we will believe just about anything that promises the removal of the horrid spots. Most of the time we choose the wrong products for our skin and then resort to covering ourselves with a ton of makeup which of course only makes the acne worse because the makeup is blocking the pores. The first step you need to take is not go to the cosmetic shop but to the food shop and start choosing foods that are healthy and full of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Drink more water, you should be drinking at least eight glasses each day to help cleanse your body from the inside out. Carrot and pineapple juice also help to wash out toxins. The carrot and the pineapple juices contain carotenes which are good for the skin because they are a rich source of vitamin A.

Home Remedy

Don’t over wash or under wash your face. You should be washing your face with luke warm water and then splash with cool water which will close up the pores. Get yourself finely powdered oatmeal, honey and the white of an egg. After washing your face, mix these ingredients together and apply as a pack on your face for quarter of an hour.

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